Sunday, 28 September 2014

Oh, How I Have Tried Joanne

dear readers,

Last night I caught up The Highland Gazette series and am patiently awaiting book five.

(The Highland Gazette: Book 4)
Written by A.D. Scott
genre: historical, fiction, mystery


Once I finished the fourth book in the Highland Gazette mysteries series I knew this was not a "must read as soon as published and will still read if there is a horribly boring/badly written" on my vast to be read list.  If I noticed a book was coming out or was out I would definitely borrow from the library but it is not one I would buy or scour websites to find the release date.  Unfortunately, if there was another book like book one I would probably give up on the series.  While I am now invested in the characters there is no personal tie to them...hence my lower rating for the fourth novel.

I cannot no matter how much I try...and I have tried for three books like Joanne Ross.  She is the main character and the books hinge on the readers feeling some kinship.  Bad news first - I could not relate to her in anyway.  Joanne comes off abrasive and selfish in the wrong ways.  The Good news is that Don and MacAllister will have you routing for them and kee pyou reading.  

In this novel a few months have passed and Joanne is closer to becoming a divorcee but cannot decide if she is really in love with MacAllister.  When a strange woman come to town looking for anyone who knew her deceased husband threatening anonymous letters start arriving at the Highland Gazette.  Local woman Nurse Urquart finds a boot with a severed limb and is later attacked with acid.  She too was sent threatening letters.  What does an American Jazz singer and widow have in common with a local nurse?  And who will be the next victim?

I am currently reading another book in one of my favourite series - JD Robb's Strangers in Death and am also listening to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (read by Caroline Lee).


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