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Gruber on Woolf: Review

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I have always been fascinated with Virginia Woolf's life and writing.

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).

VIRGINIA WOOLF: The Will to Create as a Woman 
Written by Ruth Gruber
genre: biography, literature, history


REISSUED (First written in 1935 and reissued in 2005)

Ruth Gruber the youngest PhD student to receive her degree takes a look at Virginia Woolf and her analyzes her writing.  The first part of the book is the Introduction written by the author.  She explains why she wrote this book, on meeting the author she writes about, corresponding with her and Gruber's own academia history.  There are also copies of the original letters she discusses in the book.  The next part of the book is Gruber's dissertation on Virgina Woolf's writing and her beliefs.  One of the major points is that Woolf writes from a feminine voice in a time where everyone else used masculinity.  The last part of the book is the reason Gruber reissued her book and those who were instrumental in making that happen.

I choose to read this book because Virginia Woolf as a writer, person and someone suffering from mental illness has always fascinated me.  Usually, you see biographies that take some time to analyze her writing as based on her life.  Gruber in this book takes the time to look at the voice from which Woolf writes.  Gruber outlines how Woolf in most of her writings if not all has a distinct feminine voice. I was a little lost at what the referred to at first but having read Mrs. Dalloway I was able to follow Gruber's examples.  I would not recommend this book to everyone as it is not one of those pass along books.  Anyone who is a fan of English lit, author's writing background or of Woolf will appreciate Gruber's work.

More on Ruth Gruber: 


Ruth Gruber is an award-winning Jewish American journalist, photographer, and humanitarian. Born in Brooklyn in 1911, she became the youngest PhD in the world and went on to author nineteen books, including the National Jewish Book Award–winning biography Raquela (1978). She also wrote several memoirs documenting her astonishing experiences, among them Ahead of Time (1991), Inside of Time (2002), and Haven (1983), which documents her role in the rescue of one thousand refugees from Europe and their safe transport to America. Gruber lives in New York City.


  • Witness: One of the Great Correspondents of the Twentieth Century Tells Her Story Schocken (2007) 
  • Virginia Woolf: The Will To Create As A Woman, 2005
  • Inside of Time: My Journey from Alaska to Israel, 2002, 2004
  • Exodus 1947: The Ship That Launched the Nation, 1999 2007
  • Ahead of Time: My Early Years As a Foreign Correspondent, 1991, 2001
  • Rescue: The Exodus of the Ethiopian Jews, 1987
  • Haven: The Dramatic Story of 1000 World War II Refugees and How They Came to America, 1983, 2000
  • Raquela: A Woman of Israel, 1978, 1985, 1993, 2000
  • They Came to Stay (coauthor: Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky), 1976
  • Die Bauern-Passion Von Waal (coauthors: Ursula Zeidler, Gerhard Eberts), 1976
  • Felisa Rincon De Gautier: The Mayor of San Juan, 1972
  • Puerto Rico: island of promise
  • Israel on the seventh day, 1968
  • Israel today: Land of many nations, 1958
  • Israel without tears, 1950
  • Destination Palestine: The story of the Haganah ship Exodus 1947, 1948
  • I Went To The Soviet Union, 1944
  • I Went to the Soviet Arctic, 1939, 1991

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When a Lad Meets a Lassie: Review

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Taking a trip to the Highlands...

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).

(Montgomery & Armstrong: Book One)
Written by Maya Banks
genre: historical romance


When Bowen Montgomery storms into the McHugh Keep he is not expecting to meet a woman like Genevieve.  A strong woman who stands up for the McHugh clan even though most do not seem to care for her. Genevieve views herself as a shame to family and her will to live broken.  When Bowen enters her life and stands up for her she comes to realize she is starting to feel again. But Genevieve has a secret that could cause Bowen to not only abandon her but hate her forever.  Yet, not telling him would eat at her conscience.  She resolves to tell the truth and return to her plans before Bowen to live in an Abbey; and Bowen once he knows her secret knows he will be alone again.  Will anything bring the two hope of a life together?

I am a big fan of Maya Banks' Highlander series yet this one was not to the scale of her previous novels. While I liked Genevieve and Bowen I was not always sure they were soul mates.  There wasn't as much excitement as her previous Montgomery and Armstrong novel.  Then again I would still recommend this book, and the series, to any historical romance lover.


I was hoping that in the next novel that it would be Brodie Armstrong and Taliesan's story AND IT IS!!!

After Scotland’s three strongest clans forge a formidable alliance, an uneasy king plots to consolidate power. Knowing that true strength lies in possessing land, fealty, and hearts, he orders sweet Taliesan McHugh to submit to a marriage that will give him control of the coveted McHugh keep. A tender beauty, Taliesan accepts her fate, certain that her lame leg has made her undesirable to any man—until she is swept into the powerful embrace of rugged, devilishly sensual Brodie Armstrong, a warrior who vows to shield her from brutality at any cost.  
Fearless and bold, Brodie refuses his king’s command to stand down. Instead, he conspires to rescue the rare beauty whose bravery and innocence stir his blood as no woman ever has. As desperate power struggles reverberate throughout the Highlands, Brodie defies his king and devotes himself to the only mission that commands his loyalty, his blood, and his honor: winning Taliesan’s heart.


Further Adventures with Chester Raccoon

dear readers,

More Chester...

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).

Written by Audrey Penn
genre: children, picture book


Chester Raccoon does not want to go to school and neither does his young brother, Ronny and their friend, Cassy.  Chester and Ronny's mother asks them why to which they reluctantly tell her about a big bad bully school.  She tells them a story about how bullies are just lonely.  Chester and his posse go to school and put their mother's advice to practice.

In an age of where bullies are becoming a major problem a story like this is just what kids need.  It is easier to see the good in others when they are young.  I recommend this book to all those who have kids going to school now or in the future.

Written by Audrey Penn
genre: children, picture book


Mother Raccoon tells Chester and Ronny that they must move as their home is going to be cut down.  Chester does not want to leave his home, school and friends. Mother tells Chester that while it is sad to leave all they know behind this only means they will meet new people and see new places.  

A great book for kids who do not want to move.  

Written by Audrey Penn
genre: children, picture book


Chester comes home upset that Skiddil Squirrel has had an accident and is dead.  Chester does not know what this means exactly so he goes to his mother.  She explains to him about death and how you keep a loved one in your memories forever.

A beautiful book for children and learning hard life lessons.  


This is a book for younger children about the different colors in nature.  A fun book for parents teaching their children about colors.