Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fall into Reading (Part II)

dear readers,

The question on everyone's mind from my last blog is...was book two (A Double Death on the Black Isle) worth the time and effort of reading book one (A Small Death in the Great Glen)?

(The Highland Gazette: Book Two)
Written by A.D. Scott
Genre: mystery, fiction, historical


Patricia, an old school friend of Joanne Ross calls her to her estate for her secret wedding to a fisherman.  Unfortunately, that is not the only drama for Black Isle.  On the same day two men from the same estate are found dead.  Accident or murder? Either way the Highland Gazette is on the case.  

I see it now!  This second book is a mystery, period.  While we still move with the characters and hear what they are think they is more "action" and suspense in this novel.  I enjoyed the hesitant banter between Joanne and MacAllister.  Don is just a great character that provides heart.  I applaud the realism of some of the shadier players in the book. The  novel moved at a quicker pace in that I was absorbed in the beginning and found it hard to not read more.   I read this one within a day or so.  I will read book three but if the series gets like book one I think I will stop with the series.   


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