Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Homecoming Ranch - Review

dear readers,

(I received an ARC from the author/publisher/NetGalley/ in exchange for an honest review).

(Book 1)
written by Julia London
genre: contemporary romance, series


In Homecoming Ranch Leo Kendrick tells us about Pine River, his brother, Luke and the legacy left by Grant Tyler.  When once wealthy Grant Tyler is fatally ill he finds out due to his last divorce the only asset he now has is Homecoming Ranch.  He tells his lawyer, Jackson, to leave the Ranch to his three estranged daughters, Madeline, Emma and Libby.  

The last several years have been hard on Luke Kendrick first with his brother's illness and then his mother's cancer and death.  After six years he has graduated from college and is trying to make a career in Denver.  He is again called back to Pine River when he learns that his father and Leo are no longer living at Homecoming Ranch.

Madeline Pruett has never known her biological father and has been raised by her irresponsible mother.  While her career is going well her personal has never taken off.  When she decides to go to Colorado to see what her father has left her she also runs away from her possible romance with Stephen.

Madeline finds out she has two sisters she never knew about and has been left a ranch she does not want.  Luke wants to get the ranch back for his father - Bob made a desperate and trusting deal with Grant - but finds himself distracted by Madeline.  Madeline finds herself postponing her trip home as she finds Pine River growing on her and Luke breaking down her walls.

I enjoyed Julia London's previous contemporary romance the Lear Family trilogy so was excited when I saw Homecoming Ranch.  Right off the bat I will say that either you will love the heroine, Madeline, or be really annoyed with her.  She is Type A to the extreme and does get on your nerves after awhile.  Leo, Luke's brother, is the one telling us this story and his voiceover is prominent and sarcastic.  I liked Madeline and thought she was a realistic character.  I liked Leo too, but often found him a bit too much.  A good contemporary romantic novel and promising series.